Career option in Hospitality Industry

1. Hotels

One can get placement in different categories of hotels ranging from Indian chain of five star properties such as Taj, Oberoi and Welcome group, to an international chain like Hyatt, Sheraton etc. One can get job in different departments i.e. Front Office, House Keeping, Food and Beverage Service and Food Production according to their skills, Knowledge and their interest.

Starting Salary: The initial joining can be at the entry level, with salary of around 10-15K per month or as an Management Trainee with 20K as an stipend. After the training is done they can work as a manager, with handsome amount of salary. If they join as an entry level, they have to start from initial stage with basic salary and within a year or so (according to the work performance) the employee may get promoted to the supervisory level with an increment in their salaries.

Secondly, one can make their career in ancillaries like chain of restaurants for e.g.: KFC, Ruby Tuesday, Mc Donald’s and Pizza hut.

Starting Salary: Initially, the salary structure is around 20 k but soon it can reach up to 35 k after certain promotions. The hotel management students can join as a management trainee after their graduation. After 18 months of training program they can get the position of assistant restaurant manager & earn about 25 k. After 2 years, excluding training period they are eligible for the post of a restaurant manager, where salary is around 30-35 k per month along with lucrative perks.

2. Airline Industry

Airline Industry is also a good and luxurious option for the hotel management students. One can join as an Air Hostess and Flight Steward. Some of them can also join as ground Staff or as a Public Relation officer. There is a training program for employees. The salary offered is around 25k for domestic airlines and 50k for international airlines. Cruise lines attract the students with greater package, that can be up to 70 k, according to the experience they have.

3. Retail Sector

Retail sector has a wide range open for hotel management graduates. It includes PVR, Malls, Back Office jobs, joining as a receptionist in corporate offices, Hospitals and BPO/LPO/KPO industry.

4. Event Management

After the accomplishment in Hospitality Industry, you can have certainly a wider scope in Event Management. One can either join Event Management Company or he/she can even start their Event management Organization.

5. Teaching

Teaching can also be a good option, they may join one of the IHMs or private colleges after approx. 1 year of experience depending upon their academic performance. Initially they may join as an assistant lecturer and within 2 years of teaching experience they are eligible for lecturer post. The salary structure is 10k in the starting and reaches up to 30 k, however, it may vary from organization to organization.

6. Entrepreneur

Another good option is Opening Own restaurants or working as consultants for building up hotels or restaurants. They can also have their special decoration for the parties which demands theme as contract services.

7. International exposure

After getting experience around couple of years, you can have extreme career opportunities on international level (Out Of India). On that level salary starting is approx 60k to 1.5lac per month or it can cross more as per the experience.

Job Prospects

Hotel management like any other sector is subject to the state of national economy and global economy. When the economy is doing well, jobs come a lot in the sector. Currently there are more than 2.40 million people working in hotels, catering and allied industries in India and the number is going to increase in next couple of years as new hotels are coming up in large numbers in urban and semi-urban areas. Trained hotel management professionals would have privilege over untrained graduates as hotels are not willing to invest in training of recruits rather prefers trained ones.

Demand and Supply

India not only has mismatch in terms of hotel room supply and demand but in terms of professionals required to manage hotels. Whereas the demand is much higher than the existing 1,50,000 hotel rooms across all categories, India is facing acute shortage of trained hotel staff. The situation in the 19th Commonwealth Games in Delhi shows the real picture wherein owing to dearth of trained hotel management professionals things were in sad state of affairs. Job prospects for hotel management graduates are expected to grow as new hotels would come up in next couple of years, thanks to the promotional offers from government. The shortage of trained human resource in hotel industry is advantageous to hotel management graduate who can bargain for high salary.

Market Watch

The current state of hotel industry shows that India is being seen as a lucrative destination for hotel chains looking for growth. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, India is 18th popular business travel destination and in next couple of years it would in top five. With shortage of hotel rooms, dearth of trained hotel management professionals, a lot needs to be done. With incentives coming from the Government of India, real estate developers and hoteliers are trying to build new hotels which would further supply and increase the job opportunities for young hotel management graduates.

International Focus

Hilton hotel chain, Ramada hotel chain, Hyatt hotel chain, La Quinta hotel chain, Marriott hotel chain, Radisson hotel chain, Days Inn hotel chain, Best Western hotel chain, etc offer attractive career option for hotel management graduates from top notch hotel management institutes. Hotel management graduates working in the USA hotels get minimum salary in the range of US$ 6000 to 7000. Many hotels in the USA provide high paying part-time jobs at various positions.

Tips for Getting Hired

There are no shortcuts for successful career in hospitality industry; particularly, hotel management industry is open only for talented management professionals who can show their capabilities and calibre. The best way to get in hotel management is to do a degree course and if degree cannot be pursued, do a certification. An internship with some hotels helps a lot to candidates as it provides practical experience and right exposure to the candidates. There are some paid internships and some non-paid internships available for hotel management graduates. Some hotels even hire simple graduates and hone their skills in hotel management.

Top Companies

Hotel management jobs coming from top notch hotels in India offer attractive career and growth prospects. Some of the leading hotel chains in India are as follows:

Ambassador Group of Hotels Mansingh Group of Hotels
Oberoi Group of Hotels Peerless Group of Hotels
Sarovar Park Group of Hotels Sinclairs Group of Hotels
Best Western Group of Hotels Casino Group of Hotels
Clarks Group of Hotels Fortune Park Group of Hotels
ITDC Group of Hotels Jaypee Group of Hotels
K Raheja Group of Hotels Le Meridien Group of Hotels
Taj Group of Hotels Tulip Star Group of Hotels
Welcome Heritage Group of Hotels Holiday Inn Group of Hotels
HRH Group of Hotels ITC Group of Hotels