Hospitality industry today offers a multitude of opportunities. The most effective and promising institute, which gives you a package of sparkling opportunities, and glamorous career ahead. The institute will certainly groom you from top to bottom, which will definitely take out your capabilities and talent, and make your future glowing and bright. Your decision to join A-IHM to study hospitality management will put you on the right path in a successful career. Being a student A-IHM will prove to be an enriching experience personally and will open the door to an exceptional and rewarding career in the booming hospitality industry.
1. 100% placement Assistance
A-IHM in past two years has offered 100% placement for the passed out students in and out of India. A-IHM is closely working with the hospitality industry in understanding the exact requirement and fulfilling it by training man power in accordance. Hospitality industry has extended its support by ensuring A-IHM’s student the placement priority and hence A-IHM ensures 100% placement opportunity. The guidance and the path, shown by this institute will be perfectly right and will take you top to the mountains,
2. No. 1 in quality placement
A-IHM with its various links, to some of the finest hotels around the world, offers its graduates a wide variety of quality job opportunities through the A-IHM training and placement cell. A-IHM has always been considerate about the type of jobs the students are entering into and extend its support even after the final placement of the students to ensure the quality and satisfaction.
3. Quality Training
A-IHM provides quality training in the long established hospitality tradition, combined with advanced management techniques, to match current international trends in the hospitality industry. In addition, all programs at A-IHM are taught in English, the world language of hospitality. This perfect combination assures students the highest quality education and prepares graduates to face the challenging and competitive world of hotel management.
4. International Qualifications
A-IHM has a wide range of programs to suit most of the students’ need. Whether you are looking for a short term diploma program (2 years) or to study on degree or masters level, A-IHM offers the program to meet your needs. Programs are specially designed for mature entrants, including Postgraduate Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas.
5. State-of-the-Art Facilities
To assist students to achieve the best results, A-IHM provides the latest study facilities, including free online access to the internet on all computers within the school. The recreational and study facilities at A-IHM have been refurbished to offer some of the most modern facilities available in India.
6. A Real Hospitality Experience
A-IHM is located in the city of TAJ where India’s reputation for hospitality and tourism was born. To live and study in this unique atmosphere is truly a benefit you will only find at A-IHM.