1A-IHM is associated member of Hotel & Restaurant Association of Northern India. HRANI has come a long way in serving the causes of hospitality industry in North Indian States. The mission, which was started with just 27 members, has today grown as an association with nearly 1500 strong members who consist of 800 hotels, 600 restaurants and 100 associates from North India. This Herculean effort is undoubtedly credited to the Late Ram Prasad Ji, who served as President of HRANI for the longest period. Under his able guidance and farsightedness, the association has become a force to reckon with.
HRANI is a historical organization and takes pride in the fact that India’s former Prime Minister, Late Shri Lal Bhadur Shastri, was the Chairman of the organizing committee of its first ever convention held in Delhi.


2A-IHM is associated member of Uttar Pradesh Hotel & Restaurant Association. Uttar Pradesh Hotel & Restaurant Association, a non-profit making organisation of hotels and restaurants of Uttar Pradesh, striving for the betterment and development of Tourism & Hospitality sector in the state of Uttar Pradesh over the five decades. Today, it relishes the status of only state-level trade conglomerate and through its widespread member’s network


3A-IHM is associated member of Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Association of India.
Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Associations of India, often known by the acronym, FHRAI, is the Apex Body of the four Regional Associations representing
the Hospitality Industry. FHRAI provides an interface between the Hospitality Industry, Political Leadership, Academics, International Associations and other Stake Holders.
With more than 3300 members comprising of approximately 2052 hotels, 1016 restaurants, 150 associate members and the 4 regional associations, FHRAI is truly the voice of the Hospitality Industry that brings several million dollars to the exchequer and employs more than 15 million direct workers.