wp95fb914e_0fThe Hospitality and Tourism Industry is the fastest growing, job creating industry in the world. With annual revenue approaching $ 1000 billion, over 500 million people are directly or indirectly employed in Tourism and Hospitality segment. According to World Tourism Organization the industry creates a new post every 10 minutes. Tourism is the single largest industry in the world, which will accommodate one fifth of the total manpower employment of the whole world by the end of 2018.In India as well the industry is on the high roll
World Tourism Organization has identified India as one of the largest tourist growth centers in the coming decade. India is also the largest employment creation country, next to China. The Indian Hotel market is already generating serious interest from international operators and hotel developers. After key events like the Commonwealth Games in 2010 and the cricket world cup in 2011 the demand for trained and skilled manpower in the field of Hospitality and Tourism has nearly doubled.
This is an exciting time for the hospitality industry, a time that has recently seen unprecedented growth and opportunities for advancement. With future projected growth being highly favorable, both domestically and internationally, the outlook for someone eyeing the field of hospitality management is indeed bright.
We hope that the hospitality programs offered by AIHM will be of great interest, fit your profile and provide you with a lifetime career.

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